Fearless Cooking Class & Workshops

I’m here to help you cast off the shackles of recipe slavery, stop wasting what you’re using, and learn how to cook without fear!

In all my years as chef, restaurateur, trainer-turned-hospitality consultant, creating dishes entirely from scratch has always been my first love and passion.

Living in the western world, in the age of toxicity, I am forever in awe of what they have done to our food. Why are we consuming all this processed and pre-packaged crap!?

I just can’t stand it any longer.  It hurts me to watch people destroy their health and well-being due to a lack of knowledge and a fear of cooking. So I wonder, what I can do to, as Gandhi famously said, “be the change you wish to see in this world“?

Therefore FEARLESS COOKING has been designed to change, educate and motivate novice, aspiring and seasoned chefs alike by sharing tips and tricks of the trade and to instill the value of creating simple, fresh meals by using untainted food supplies and resources that will allow us to live a healthier life.

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Choose from Vietnamese / Thai / Western Cooking or find out more about my new workshop: “LET’S NOT GET WASTED”. A course of how not to waste any of our foods and learn how to apply new techniques in your home kitchen.

Your instructor, Monika, speaks fluent German and English.  From time to time, other visiting chefs will join us and we all speak fluent Food.

So, come and be part of the solution for a healthier population and planet — send me a message and let’s cook up some magic together.