Private Culinary Tour September 2017


17 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2017, 14 DAYS

We will welcome you in Hanoi, go over the itinerary with some drinks and snacks, after we head out into the streets of Hanoi, and we will teach you how to walk across the street…and live to tell it.

The Old Quarter consists of 36 streets and walking them early mornings is my favourite thing to do in Hanoi, you are welcome to join me on my daily walk.

Street-food is ample and very tasty and we will eat our way through it… prepared for this day.

After two nights in Hanoi, we will head by plane to the city of Danang and arrive at our favorite destination of Hoi An, by car. The plan in those 8 days is to start off with a 3-day Culinary Basic Cooking Class presented by Fearless Cooking including Vietnamese and Western Cuisine.

Biking and walking are big on the agenda, we also mingle with the locals and learn loads of how they produce and grow their food.

Ever wanted to know how rice grows and what happens in the process? You will have the opportunity and will humbly appreciate that bowl of rice even more. If you are into organic gardening, there are pointers to be picked up here.

Tofu & rice paper making, round boat building and plenty more interesting foodie stuff will be discovered and explored. A food tour of their delicacies is a must as every region has its pride.  Cao Lau, White Rose. Chicken & Rice are Hoi An’s staple foods.

This is the town with some 1000 restaurants and equal amounts of tailor shops for you to get something tailor-made to take home.

Cooking demonstration mixed with tips and tricks and shaken up with a bit of history and culture are our main past time we are going to experience.

On this tour, we head down south for 3 nights and play in the sand of Phuc Quoc Island where one of the finest fish sauces is produced and we get to test it. Of course, if beach time is your thing, the Gulf of Thailand awaits you with its amazing fresh seafood.

Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon is about on hour’s flight away and it will bring you back to reality rather quickly.

A very exciting city to visit and we have an action- packed agenda for our day. Walking through the French Quarter to our lunch destination will give you a very good vibe and culture experience of this city.

Experiencing Saigon on the back of a retro Vespa and doing the “ when in Rome do as the Romans do “ really comes to life. Our last great adventure together.


Tour Price
$1700 USD per person (double occupancy), $1880 USD per person (single occupancy)

Hanoi, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

September 17 – 30, 2017

$500 USD per person, payable at reservation, due by July 10, 2017

Secure payment can be made by Paypal to

12 person maximum, 8 people minimum tour requirement.

13 nights in 3-star hotel accommodation, 13 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 7 dinners, and flights Hanoi-DaNang, DaNang- Saigon, Saigon-Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc-Saigon.


For booking, please message me here.