My overall reaction to the trip is “YES!”.

June 15, 2019
I have been slow in replying and have spent the last week processing our wonderful trip. As Monika said, it is heard to tell people about it. I have been picking moments that I think each person who asks would enjoy. My bookclub really enjoyed the description of singing in the bar with the locals.
My overall reaction to the trip is “YES!”.
Yes, it was a great trip!
Yes, I met and shared experiences with such a great group of  women led by Monika (and the lovely Jean Ann).
Yes, Monika organized an interesting, enjoyable and flexible tour. Looking back at the guide books I can see just how much ground we covered – and, how the information Monika‘s bits of history/knowledge were always based on the real story.
Yes, the places we visited, hotels, restaurants and events included in the tour were well planned and chosen.
Yes, there was free time and as a bonus Monika had great  suggestions for free time were always bang on.
Yes, the local guides were great. They were enthusiastic, proud and knowledgable and along with sharing historical and cultural knowledge we also gained some insight into their lives.
Yes, I would definitely go on another Chowdown tour.
Yes, I would recommend Chowdown tours.
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