Cinnamon Stick It!

I really want you to stick- it, no no I am not trying to be rude, I am just trying to make you cook with cinnamon sticks.

Maybe you have tried this magic antioxidant-superfood spice before, perhaps in mulled wine or steeped tea, for sure in apple pie and other baking?

Personally, I throw 1-3 sticks into my curries, poach fish or chicken and even add it to my rice. Absolutely love it on red beets and any other vegetables that I am fond of.

It is also anti-inflammatory and should high blood pressure be a concern of yours, add it to your diet.

If you have any of that ground up powdery brown spice jar in your kitchen drawers -throw it away-as it has no health benefits at all to you.

That stuff has regular wood chips added, courtesy of your greedy spice seller, plus it contains anti-clumping chemicals, like all spice jars, courtesy of our Food & Drug Administration.

You want to experience the real thing, the bark from the cinnamon tree, that gets continuously harvested around Vietnam and Sri Lanka after 3 years of planting this tree.

Best part you can reuse it a few times, by washing and then air drying it. Get creative and stick-it.

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