Chowdown Portugal Tour

So, what exactly are we going to do?

Yes, indeed Chowdown is exploring a different continent, Portugal it is!

I have spent the month of May in this beautiful country and immediately was taken by it-I wanted to know what the fuss was all about – no wonder it is the flavor of the year.  It did not disappoint.


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Come to join me in Porto and travel with me this October 2018 for 14 days.  I have put together a private Culinary tour especially for you. We will get together for a meet & greet in Porto, where falling for this city is pretty straightforward. Spending four days exploring culture-history-food- and music will go very quickly here. With a bike ride in between for exercise.


Off by train to the magical city of Sintra, where for three days you will feel what enchanted means. Historic castles, beaches, and food mixed in with some Thai Chi activity are all part of the itinerary.


Always wanted to find out how Olive Oil is harvested and processed?  You will have the opportunity to do so at this beautiful situated Quinta ( Farm House ) in Alvito where we will stay at for the next four nights.  The farm is our private domain. Alentejo, the breadbasket province of Portugal, is serene and almost spiritual with their rolling hills, where we will relax – chill and be curious how to make Portuguese bread- sample their chemical-free sausages and try our hands in cheese making. In between, we will visit the home of a felt artist par excellence, and you will be able to try your hands in felt making. However, that’s not all, if you ever wondered how cork is produced, a cork making facility will clarify it for you how this ancient art is executed. Of course, in between, we will cook together, discover and enjoy Portuguese Cuisine. Not to forget in all our stops we will get to join various wineries and keep on tasting and sampling their very best.


Lisbon is our last stop now that we are all relaxed and ready for some more adventures in this great historic city. Our last two nights are dedicated to more culinary adventures, and we will finish the tour in the famous part of the old city, Alfama, with an evening of Fado music and an authentic Portuguese feast.


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Quick Tour Overview

4 Nights, 4-8 October: Meet and Greet at Host Hotel, orientation, and itinerary talk. Food –  Wine – Music and Bike tours all part of the agenda for the next four days. 

3 Nights, 8-11 October: Travel by train and start with a magical walking tour of Sintra with many culinary discoveries. This also includes Thai Chi lessons in the park as well. You get a chance to go on a discovery tour all on your own on your free day. 

4 Nights, 11-15 October: Chowdown visits the farm! Alentejo, farm country of Portugal welcomes you with their fantastic chemical free sausages- teach us how to make authentic local bread- a dozen different cheeses and indulge in Portuguese wine tasting. We also have the opportunity to visit a cork producing company and find out all the details of how it is done. With a bit of luck, we will be able to help in the orchard with the olive harvest. Felt-making is also part of our artisan walk.

October 15-17: Travel from Alvito to Lisbon by train. Visiting one of the most exciting Market Places is an absolute must in Lisbon. You will have ample of time to walk about in this great historical city. For the final days of our tour in Lisbon, we will celebrate our time together in grand style.


Tour Price
$2200 USD per person (double occupancy), $2600 USD per person (single occupancy)

Porto, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

October 4-17 2018

$500 USD per person, payable at time of reservation.

Secure payment can be made by Paypal to

12 person maximum, 6 people minimum tour requirement.



For booking, please message me here.