SOLD OUT – Private Culinary Tour of Vietnam, April 2018

Quick Tour Overview

April 9: Lunch meet and greet at Host Hotel, orientation and itenerary talk, Vespa Adventure street food tour.

April 10: Early morning walk of history and culture, street food tour.

Mai Chau
April 11 – 13: Ethnic tribe tour, biking tour, hang out.

Hoi An
April 13 – 19: Flight from Hanoi to DaNang, car ride to Hoi An. Culinary retreat, bike tour, kayak sunset tour.

Golden Loop Tour
April 19 – 21: Motorbike tour on the “Golden Loop” with overnight stays in Prao, A Loui, and Hue.

Hoi An
April 22 – 24: Return to Hoi An, tour ends April 24 at 11 AM.

So, what exactly are we going to do?

Welcome to Vietnam, the country of extreme contrasts, organized chaos and fabulous fresh food!

We will meet and begin our culinary adventures in Hanoi, a vibrant city with extensive history and alluring, captivating streets to roam about for two days.

Over lunch and wine, we will go over our itinerary meet the whole gang. I will give you some pointers and even teach you how to cross the roads safely. That evening you will explore this city on the back of a retro Vespa motorcycle like a local and indulge in their diverse cuisine. Spring rolls-noodles, local beer, rice wine and ending up in a Jazz Club are just a few of our stops that will captivate you — an excellent way to start our first day of the tour!

Early morning in Hanoi is an adventure in itself. If you’d like to join me on my morning walk, we watch how Hanoians greet the day with dancing, Zumba, and badminton on the streets. The Old Quarter consists of 36 very captivating streets which we will explore, street-food is ample and tasty, as we eat our way through it. Be prepared for this day!

After two nights in this bustling city, we head to Mai Chau, 160 km south-west by private bus to enjoy the breathtaking valley and views and to chill out for a couple of days. Biking, trekking, mingling with local ethnic tribes, seeing their traditional crafts or just hanging out as you prefer is all on the agenda.

We will take a short flight to the city of Danang and after a 45-minute car ride will arrive at our favorite destination, the UNESCO town of Hoi An. The plan in those eight days is to start off with a 3-day Culinary Basic Cooking Class presented by Fearless Cooking including Vietnamese and Western Cuisine.

Biking and walking are big on the agenda in Hoi An. We will mingle with the locals and learn loads of how they produce and grow their food. Ever wanted to know how rice grows and what happens in the process? You will have the opportunity and will humbly appreciate that bowl of rice even more. If you are into organic gardening, there are pointers to be picked up here. Tofu & rice paper making and plenty more interesting foodie stuff will be discovered and explored. A food tour of their delicacies is a must, as every region has its pride; including Hoi An main-stays such as Cao Lau, White Rose, and Chicken & Rice.

For something completely different, we will journey partly into the rich history of the Ho Chi Minh Trail for 4 days/3 nights on the back of a motorbike with very experienced drivers.

Hoi An – Prao – A Loui – Hue – Hoi An is a little over 400km, and the daily rides are 4-5 hours long with many breaks in between. Nicknamed “The Golden Loop” will be an unforgettable adventure of lush mountain scenery, waterfalls, and villages, a look into an authentic Vietnam, that not too many travelers have been privy to.

Should you be an old Scooter or Motorbike rider, you will have the opportunity to ride on your own.

For the final days of our tour in Hoi An, we will celebrate our time together in grand style.


Tour Price
$1850 USD per person (double occupancy), $2000 USD per person (single occupancy)

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

April 9 – 24, 2018

$500 USD per person, payable at time of reservation.

Secure payment can be made by Paypal to

12 person maximum, 8 people minimum tour requirement.



For booking, please message me here.