Humour is what makes a vacation a true holiday.

June 15, 2019
There is always the unknown when signing up for a tour, the itinerary gives an insight into the activities, the places to be visited and overall what to expect, but add to that mix the capabilities of our incredibly, well travelled and fearless leader Monika, and it becomes a very unique experience. Her ability to create unusual and interesting experiences coupled with the right amount of cultural, food, activities and exposure to the local people and their lives, is in my book, why this tour worked so well, and don’t get me started on the fun and laughter, that all comes with the territory! Humour is what makes a vacation a true holiday.
Thanks Monika for making us all feel so welcome and special, you have a gift, you’ve found your calling. You and Jean-Ann brought out the best in all of us, keep up the good work. Perhaps next year in Morocco?
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