The Beauty Of Organic Coconut Oil

Forever Nosy-Rosy about where our food comes from and being an avid user of organic coconut oil for a few years now prompted me to check out an organic virgin coconut oil producer in the Mekong Delta, south of Saigon in Vietnam by the name of Lacocovie

First I got invited to join one of their focus groups in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), formerly Saigon, regarding their product. What a revelation to find a bunch of Vietnamese  women entrepreneurs not only discussing the great benefits of this superfood but also disclosing the fact that they have known for generations about how it enhances their beauty. They rub this oil all over their bodies, including their hair, and it results
in an amazing silky look. They have kept this secret from us for far too long.

My inspection of the plant was also an eye-opener because of the simplicity with which they extract the oil. It all starts with a delivery of peeled coconuts by the farmer from his coconut groves. The nut (not referring to the farmer here) gets cleaned and you’re left with the white nutty part to be cut up.

It’s then put through a grater and shredded into fine pieces.

The organic virgin coconut is put through the de-humidification machine to remove the moisture and is then ready for the cold pressed extraction of the oil. Extracting the oil requires some manual pumping on another small contraption of a machine from time to time, however the whole process only takes a few hours.

The oil then is filtered and cleared of any particles and then packaged up in various containers and made ready to ship.

It’s great to see the economic and diverse benefits this production has for the local community and the Vietnamese people; after all, they have the resources but not the power and money for marketing this amazing wonder oil quite yet.

For years I have been spoon feeding myself coconut oil every morning to successfully rid myself of Candida due to its anti-fungal, anti bacterial and anti-microbial powers. It never really occurred to me to use it on my skin as well.  No wonder the women in Vietnam are so breath- takingly beautiful and show no signs of wrinkles.

Clearly I have missed out as my wrinkles stare at me every day in the mirror.

I love to cook with it. Even though it is a saturated fat, it is good for you as it not only raises your metabolism but it has a high heat resistance (up to 387 degrees Fahrenheit) and it never gets rancid. It solidifies at 24 C/78 F degrees, so here in Vietnam it remains as a liquid.

If you want to be healthy and well, I highly recommend you rid yourself of the horrible  GMO canola and all other vegetable oils, buy some good olive or grape seed oil and load up with organic virgin coconut oil. Start cooking and baking with it, rub it all over and use it in all and everything as it cures whatever ails you.

Should you think the price is too high, then I would suggest counting all the money you spend on the stuff that is in your medicine cabinet and think again.

Take 2 spoons of Coconut Oil daily and call me in the morning!



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